Deposit & Payment

                                                         Down payment and Payment    

                                                                    Mailing address:

                                           Jamie Tracy, PO  Box 694, Centerville, IA 52544

                                                   Make Checks payable to Jamie Tracy


A non-refundable $300 down payment is required to hold a puppy until old enough and/or large enough to be picked up or shipped. This is deducted off the price of the puppy. Puppy is not considered sold until down payment is received! I suggest paying on the credit card through the invoice I send you, or sending your down payment by Priority or Express Mail. (Personal checks are excepted for down payment, or paid 2 weeks prior to leaving here.)


ANY PUPPIES  that need to be held after take home date, (except for a few days) Will have a boarding fee of $10 dollars a day. 


Final payments can be made by personal checks but they have to be in my hand 15 days before leaving us. We only accept postal money orders from the post office. Sorry we do not take personal money order or cashiers checks. It has been known that anyone can print these from their computers.


Down payment is non-refundable, unless puppy fails vet check!! If you are picking up your puppy you can pay remainder at that time. No personal checks please when picking up. Credit cards have a 3% processing.


No puppy leaves my house any younger than 8 weeks some 10 weeks old, or a little longer. I know you're anxious but the only concern I have is the health of the puppy. I can't bend this rule, sorry!



***If for any reason anyone who purchases a puppy from us cannot take care of the dog anytime in the future, we encourage them to contact us and we will take the dog back, rather than go to a shelter or humane society.