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                 WE DO IT BY THE BOOK


We have been in the kennel business for 22 years and if we weren't doing it right we would have never made it this far.  

We are IA State and Vet Inspected

And we have never had a bad mark against our kennel


Why a professional breeder?


1) Hours of education.

2) Putting back into the the breeding industry.

3) Understanding rules and doing it right.

4) Not running under the radar.

5) Having a website and not doing sales from Facebook.

6) Allowing customers to come to our home.

7) Pouring years into it to become who we are.

8) This is a 24/7 Occupation we do here.


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Heath Meyers

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Rex Meyers

Phone: 319-415-8009


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and we will get right back to you.

Located in Grundy Center, IA

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