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Placed Puppy Comments

Over the past few years we have had a great response for our puppies. We love hearing from the new puppy parents, and receiving their comments on their new babies, and receiving pictures! Here are just a few of the most recent comments we have received.

Hi Jamie,


I hope all is well! I cannot express enough how much I love my new Shihpoo puppy, Sam (Indy). I get compliments about him almost daily! My family and I have been discussing getting a puppy/dog for my grandmother who has mentioned wanting a dog quite often now. We come from a very large family and she has become quite lonely and depressed with the family and grandkids not being able to visit during COVID. 


I see that your last litter of Shihpoos born on Oct 17th have been sold already but wanted to know if you have any puppies/dogs that weren't sold?? I know this is highly unlikely with your dogs being so great but I thought it would be worth a shot! If not, we were hoping to be added to a waiting list! We also wanted to know if there are any type of discounts for getting a second puppy from you?


Thanks again so much for all you do!! Here are some "Pupdate" pictures of Sam!! =)


Annette C

Two Shih-Poos and one Mal-Shih -

The best babies, all three of them.

Brutus was the first in 2008.

Then Daisy came to us in 2011.

Then Oscar in 2018. All were healthy and smart and Jamie has been an absolute pleasure to work with each time.

1 year old puppy now. He has brought so much joy into my household! The experience Puppystars was so amazing that in September my family is adopting another Puppystars puppy!!!

annette .jpg

April S

I got my Morkie puppy Odin from Puppystars in August of 2019. Jamie was great to work with. Her facility was clean, she was very organized as far as paperwork, and as a first time puppy owner she was happy to answer all of my questions! Odin is a happy and healthy 1 year old puppy now. He has brought so much joy into my household! The experience Puppystars was so amazing that in September my family is adopting another Puppystars puppy!!!

download (1).png

Adele P

We got our dog 14 years ago from Puppy Stars! Magnolia is the BEST dog. We couldn’t be happier. We did everything via email since we weren’t local. This picture is the day we picked her up from the airport.

Adele P.jpg

Lacey Jo 

Teddy & Tanner  They are 3 years old & the best pups. They are malti-poos. We love puppy stars! This is our third dog from them! 

Lacey Jo 2.jpg
Lacy Jo.jpg
Jenny M.jpg

Lisa B

We got our Luna June 2019. She is a Morkie and has been an amazing addition to our family. She is our 2nd Puppystars puppy. Would highly recommend. Pleasure to work with!

Lisa B.jpg

Rachael B

We've had Walter for two months and he's definitely a keeper!! So laid back and smart and cute, of course!!!

Rachel B. H..jpg

We absolutely love our little shih-poo

She is just a beautiful sweet little princess.

Wonderful experience and so happy

with her

stacey D.jpg

Daisy (Pamela Zumwalt)

Pamela Z..jpg

We named her Ponyo. She will be 8 this September! We love her. Thank you so much!

Hello Jamie,

Greg and I wanted to contact you and 

show you a picture of our wonderful fur babies, Kendal and Elle.  Our girls are sister's from a litter in February 2012.  We met you half way in Durrant, west of the Quad Cities in May of 2012.  They are best buddies, love affection and we are SO happy we got two of the same litter.

Thank you and please keep producing Cavachons! In my opinion (as I have worked at a dog spa) the spaniel combo vs. the poodle combo makes for a much calmer companion.

Thank you,


Hi Jamie,
Not sure if you remember me, but I purchased my gorgeous puppy from you February 2009 while I was in college in Boston.  She is now almost 4!  She is absolutely perfect, only 4.5 pounds, is so incredibly smart, and such a princess. I take her everywhere with me (I even took her to class with me in a little doggie purse!). I keep checking your site, wanting another morkie, but that would make 4 dogs  (my other two are Cotons).  I wanted to thank you for the love of my life, she is my little daughter.
Thanks again,

Okay maybe one more picture. We just love Piper so much we can’t stop looking at her. She found her reflection in a full length mirror today and kept going back to it all day. First she was afraid then she growled and barked at it but as the day went on she became friends with the dog in the mirror and started to bring her toys in to play in front of the mirror. By the end of the day she was touching and kissing her reflection. She keeps us laughing all the time. She’s is everything we hoped for and more.

Hi Jamie this is Becki !

Just wanted to send you an updated picture of Joey! He is such a good dog and very much loved by all of us!


Thank you!

Becki, Dean, Adam, Aaron, and Aiden P.

Sandy L

We have had a great experience with Puppy Stars. We first purchased a cavachon in 2005 and two months ago got a cavapoo who is bringing us so much joy. Jamie provides happy and healthy puppies! We used the puppy nanny service as we live in Massachusetts. The fee was extremely reasonable and everything went smoothly that day.


Tracy H

Excellent experience with Puppy Stars! Our Teddy Bear, Cooper, is the friendliest, happiest, most chill dog ever. Everyone who meets him adores him, and so do we!! Cooper is 7.

Dee N

We have 2 dogs from Puppy Stars and they are the best! They are friendly, playful, and excellent with our toddler, and other kids and dogs as well. Jamie was great to work with, she provided many photos and videos, and then even met us halfway to pick up the pups.

Nicole H

We got the sweetest and most adorable Malshi 2 1/2 years ago from Puppy Stars. They are unbelievably professional and thorough! Healthy and darling pups. We went with them off of two references from friends and I’m always looking for our next Puppy Stars puppy. Fantastic people!


Terri A

Teddy is our poochon and he is 2 years old. He is the best dog, so smart and loves everyone and everyone loves him!!

Ebony E

I got Ms. Baileigh (originally named Taffy) 2 1/2 years ago. This was my first dog/child. I flew from Florida and Jamie and her husband met me at the airport with her. They were so professional and kind. People look at me crazy when I tell them that Baileigh is from Iowa. I would definitely take the flight again for the courtesy, professionalism and not to mention the great dog that she is. She hasn't had any health problems and is very smart. Jamie even suggested food for her and I kept her on the NutriSource. Thank you again for the special addition to our family.


Jaci V

We love our little Shih-poo! Puppy Stars was wonderful to work with

Karee C

We got our puppy Moby from Puppy Stars a little over a year ago and couldn’t have been happier with our experience. Jamie was wonderful helping me decide and answered all of my first time dog owner questions. I would highly recommend them.

Anita N

I bought my Maltese Oliver in 2005 from puppystars. He is our little ole man and we love him dearly. He flew all the way to Nevada, i was nervous, but so excited. He is healthy, happy, and the best dog. I want him to live forever. I highly recommend puppystars.

Cassidy S

I got a poochon puppy in the middle of March during this pandemic. I really appreciated puppystars patience with me during the uncertain time of getting my dog. I did a little bit of back and forth on deciding when was a good time which is probably a little frustrating for a breeder. But now I have my super healthy and happy little boy. I'll be getting a 2nd puppy from puppystars when the time comes. 




Joy P

I love my dog I got from Jamie!! She is the best! She takes wonderful care of all her dogs!




Pershy BK

My Ali turned 11yrs old in June but you would never know it. She is the cutest, sweetest, happiest, smartest little princess you'll ever meet & was easy to train. Ali was my first dog & Jamie was amazing to work with. Even tho I grew up with big dogs my whole life I had tons of questions about a little one & Jamie was so patient. I highly recommend Puppystars!!! 





Fatima I

I'm waiting for my puppy on October 4 ,I'm so excited Maltipoo baby 




Carol M

We have a 13 year old shichon from Puppy Stars. She is awesome!







Hi! Jamie,

This is the first chance I got to email you and tell you that the puppy who is now Casey is home safe and sound!!! Every thing went fine at the airport and he even came in 10 minutes sooner. the people who took care of him at the airport just loved him, and when I first saw him well let me tell you it was love at first bark! yep he looked at me and barked to say hello mommy I’m home!!! when we got home I put him in his crate that’s after I kissed him and he greeted me all over with puppy kisses even my bichon was a happy camper to see him. I can not thank you enough for raising such a beautiful puppy. I will definitely keep you updated and of cause send you pictures of him lots of pictures.

Thank you and god bless,
Linda L. (malti-poo)





Hi Jamie,

Nate and I wanted to thank you for all you did to bring such a beautiful puppy into our lives! She is wonderful and we absolutely adore her! She is doing very well in her new home and she is so playful! We named her "Bug" because she loves to snuggle! We appreciate that she came to us extremely healthy and clean! It is always a risk buying off the internet but you were so helpful and honest. Thank you so much!

Nathan and Hayley W. (Malti-zu)





Hello Jamie,

We purchased Zowie (female Multi-Zu) last December (20th) from you. She will be spending her second Christmas with us this year. She is absolutely a precious little girl. She had given us so much joy this past year. I just wanted to take the time to thank you for allowing us to purchase her from you and to thank you for such a sweet, healthy puppy. She was (and has been) exactly what you said she would be (temperament, size, type of hair, teeth, color etc.).

Thanks again for our little girl!

Merry Christmas,
The Horne Family

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Went on the web sight to see if Benny had been sold and noticed that a bunch had been sold along with Benny. We have Benny's brother Blake AKA Jake. He is a delight and catches on quickly. Sometimes think he is a nut case as he is so silly. The whole neighborhood is enjoying watching him grow up. He loves everybody and everything. Thanks for making it possible to have such a great guy.

Janet K.

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Hi Jamie,
I just wanted to let you know Kia aka Ariel is doing great!! She had her 1st puppy training class last night. She was the bell of the ball!!! She's one of the oldest!!!! but the smallest!!!

She has such a great temperament, I just adore her...Everyone is in utter amazement when they see her because she is SOOOOOO CUTE. I just love her!

As soon as she changes a little I will forward a picture to you....right now she pretty much looks the same.




Hi Jamie,

I wanted to send you some pictures of Tucker our beloved cavachon! He is a wonderful puppy, almost 9 months now. He is really smart. He can sit, down, stay, roll over, shake, crawl, and come (very important). He is lively and energetic, loving, sweet and very smart. I know you did not think he was the cutest of the litter, but we think he is! He is in puppy training classes and there is another cavachon there who is very sweet also, I think the breed is super!

I want to thank you for such a wonderful pet. Because of the way he came to us, Charley our son ordered him online because our cocker passed away, I was not sure about things. I know Charley did his research and came up with, what we feel is the best breeder of Cavachon’s!
Thanks and enjoy the pictures!





Just wanted to tell you that Miss Angel is doing great! She is an absolute dollbaby, and we love her!!!! Thank you so much for this angelic gift! I know we will have many high bidders for her, Corinna wants her too!!!! Stella on the other hand, not too happy with the baby...Again, I can't thank you enough for raising such healthy and beautiful dogs. You truly care about your animals and clients.

My love and appreciation,
Michelle C.




Dear Jamie,

Last August we purchased a puppy from you, "Brianna", whom we have since named Sweetie. I just wanted to thank you for such a wonderful, loving and entertaining breed.

I work as a nurse on an alzheimers unit in Indiana. At least once a week I take Sweetie to work with me. In fact she gets up with me every morning @ 4:30 just in case it's her day to go. My residents LOVE Sweetie! When we first arrive she runs onto the unit and lets out a little yip to let everyone know she has arrived. Then one by one she hops up on everyone's lap and greets them in her own special way. Sweetie hops and jumps and twirls around for the folks provoking laughter and delight for all. Her antics are something of legend @ Willowbend. These folks have very poor memories but they all remember the little white dog who makes them laugh.

Sweetie doesn't' just reserve her love for the Alzheimer's patients, she spreads it around the whole nursing home. By mid-morning sweetie's scratching @ the door waiting on our activity director to come get her and take her around to see the rest of the folks. She hops up into beds with very ill patients and patiently allows them to hug, kiss and pet her.

Jamie I can't even begin to express what a joy this little dog has brought not only to her family, but to her extended family also. Oh, and by the way she's as pretty as she is sweet. Thanks again Jamie and family.
Dawn E.s




I thought I would send you an updated picture of Vincent and Yvonne. Their names have been changed to Einstein and Kabuki. They are doing fine. When I first saw Einstein (Vincent) on your website, I thought he would be the mischievous one and when I saw Yvonne (Kabuki), I thought she would be the mellow, sweet one. Much to my surprise, they have reversed roles. Einstein is now 9 months old and Kabuki is 7 months old.






I just wanted to let you know that our Gracie is a big hit. We travel to Las Vegas for the winter months, and everyone in our RV Park is in love with Gracie. We have given your web site out to many people. So if you hear from people about seeing this dog out in Las Vegas , you’ll know it was Gracie. She is the best little dog. We are so glad we got her. She has brought us so much joy and happiness. Thanks again for everything.
Cathy G.





Thank you sooooo much! We just love our little boy and girl!

They are the best of friends already. I will tell all my friends that if they are thinking about adding a puppy to their family
that you are the one to call!
Thank you!
Ron & Lorri





Hi, Jamie
Was just sitting here checking e-mails and looking at the absolute sweetest, cutest puppy that we adopted from you last July. We named him Dakota, neither one of us really thought the name Griffin suited him.  Houdini might have been a better choice. He broke out of his playpen/kennel by unzipping the door several times. Finally, he just shredded the screening on it. So, on the rare occasions that we have to leave him, he has free roam of the house.

He is a really good puppy, hardly ever gets into mischief, loves to play, loves to cuddle and loves the snow though not sure he really enjoyed the bitter cold we have had the past couple of weeks, Guess you are getting it too. Got an e-mail from one our cousins that lives in Milan, Mo and sounds like you have about the same weather as we do.

We had him completely house broken in about 5 weeks. We taught him to ring a bell at the door when he needs to go out. He is so smart, he learned in about a day. We always go out with him even though he has an electronic fence and learned his boundaries very quickly, we still worry about stray dogs and, at night, other animals that might be out. We get squirrels, racoons, opossums, rabbits and in the summer, ducks and geese.

Just thought you might be interested in an up-date. He is a very happy puppy and we are very happy to have him. He is such a joy.

Lynda & Jackie






Dear Jamie ~

You probably don't remember us, as I'm sure you sell many puppies, but we purchased a Cavachon puppy from you last year Christmas time. I just wanted to send a note to let you know how happy we are with "Max." He's the best little dog we've ever had. His little personality is laid back, his little tail wags at everyone he meets, he's affectionate and fun-loving, and everyone he meets loves him. He puppy-trained very easily, though he still likes to chew our dirty socks and a few other personal undergarments, and the bathroom trash can is his perfect height.

Thanks so much for the enjoyment we'll have for years to come!
David, Rhonda and Taylor Laurentius






Hi Jamie,

Wanted to let you know that Lexi is doing great. She had a vet check this morning and got a clean bill of health. It didn't take her long to adjust to our home. She is fitting in just fine. We are having a great time with her. You were right, she did get sick a couple of times on the way home. Thank god for old towels! I forgot to ask you about her feeding schedule. If you could let me know what times of the day has been fed, I'd really appreciate it. She had done great with house training as well. Thanks for raising such beautiful and healthy little dogs!

Gina M.





Hi Jamie,
It's been a long time since I have emailed you. I just wanted to let you know that our sweet Bailey is doing quite wonderful. She was a year old on November 28th and we can't believe she has only been apart of our lives for that short amount of time. She is truly a joy and one of the best things that has ever happened to us. Bailey is a very smart little girl and listens very well 95% of the time. We believe that she understands English. Her best friend Annie, who is a poodle lives across the street and they play together about five times a week. We have crate trained her and she loves her crate, especially when she is tired. We walk her daily and she loves to ride in the car as long as she has her doggie seatbelt on. Well, I know your busy and I could go on and on. Basically what I wanted to say is thank you for your help in adding so much more joy to our lives. "Puppystars" will always hold a special place in our lives.
With loving thoughts,
Greg, Brigette, Zack, Kylea, and Baliey
Flower Mound, Texas




Hi. Well, Oscar will is almost 2 years old. He is doing very well. I can't tell you how much joy he has given me. He will be 2 March 11th. His name I think was Bob when I got him. He has been through some training and I am showing him in obedience. We are just enjoying working together. He is a mama's boy!! He loves giving kisses. Do you give a cut rate for people who have purchased from you before? I would love to have a little girl for him to play with and enjoy. He is fixed so no puppies for him. LOL. Hope you enjoy the pictures!!!
Carla P.






Hi Jamie,

Hope you all have a great 4th of July. I heard that one of my neighbors the Brandt family bought Riley, your last shichon. She has seen Tippy since she's been a pup and knows how much we love and adore her and that she is such a great dog that her family really wanted another dog, so she had e mailed me yesterday and we told her that you had some new puppies. I didn't know she get one right away.  Congratulations on the sale and he is going to a good family. Laurie and I said I guess the dogs are cousins. We will definitely get them together and send you a pic. We look at the website periodically and the kids of course want another. Maybe some day.  They are so cute. I think Tippy will get jealous. We had a neighbor dog here Sammy and if I pet Sammy Tippy was right there. I had to pet both of them at the same time. In fact here are 2 photos of Tippy recently and Sammy is in one of them. They are great friends. Tippy still goes to Day Care 2 x a week and loves it. I'm glad that the Brandt family decided to get Riley.

The Kellys






Hi Jamie,

Hope you and your family had a nice holiday.

Thought I would drop you a quick e-mail to let you know how little Sophie is doing. She is so much fun. She is a little mischief maker and loves to steal any socks she finds and unroll toilet paper. She has a great personality and although she loves to steal things, she is a loveable, smart, and obedient little girl too. Her newest trick walking on my treadmill. She walks at about 1.5 to 2.2 MPH while I ride my exercise bike next to her. I just turn the treadmill on the lowest speed and she jumps on and I increase the speed till she is at a slow trot. She will go on for as long as 15 minutes. It is so cute.

Sophie spends her days at my mother-in-laws, playing with her Yorkie. Sophie is good for the overweight Yorkie. She gets him to play and run a little. She was a little to high energy for him at first but now he is getting use to her.

We just love Sophie and she has added so much fun to our home.

I check your website from time to time and I love seeing all the puppies. If I was a stay at home person, I would have at least one or two more "kids".

I wish you and your family a Happy New Year.

Warm regards,
Lorri P.






Hi Jamie,
I just wanted to give you an update on Hugo. He is such a wonderful little boy. He is so smart he's already learned to set, stay, wait, lay and go out on a leash. He is doing pretty good on the potty training only two accidents in the house and that was went daddy wasn't paying attention to him "bad daddy". He took to us right away, he's had his first bath and starts puppy training this week. I can't take you enough we just love Hugo!

Will send you a picture when we can get a good enough one.
Best regards,
Deborah E. from Oregon







Dear Jamie,

Merry Christmas from the Trierweilers. We came to pick out our little Jachon last March and you dropped her off to us in a parking lot next to the airport. Life has not been the same since. She is the joy of our lives and we say every day what a great addition she is to our family. She has the greatest personality. She loves the children that live across the street and stands in my dining room window and watches them until I take her out to play. She loves to play and fitch and is so cuddly. She is naughty at times, but with that sweet face she gets away with alot. We are preparing to have our first baby in March and we are sure that she will be a super big sister. Thank you so much for the best gift we received all year and come and visit if you are ever in Waukee. I just laugh now thinking of how my husband tried to talk me out of getting a dog the entire way to your home. He couldn't live without her now!

Merry Christmas,
Markjon, Jacki and Lexus Trierweiler






Good Morning Jamie,

It has been a week tonight since I have had Star. I can't begin to tell you how much joy she has brought to my home. Star is so attached to me. She follows me everywhere. She won't sleep in her crate. I have a tempur pedic mattress and pillow so she has claimed the pillow hers. She sleeps all night and wakes me up by licking my ear. Her personality is great and she has the same amount of energy to kepe up with me. My older brother plays with her every night before she goes to bed and by the time theyre done playing shes ready to curl up on the pillow and go to sleep. We have an older dog that she tries to play with but since she is the size of his head he doesnt like to bother with her. At first we were a little worried about him stepping on her because hes almost a 200 pnd. dog. He is also clumsy. But he has been very gentle and she has been cautious when he's near. The house training has gone well so far. The first couple of days we thought it'd be hard because she wouldn't go until she got in the house. She'd shiver like crazy b/c it's so cold. But the last couple days of this week she's been doing better b/c we put a little sweater on her before she goes out. Jamie, thank you so much for sneding me such a great pet. She is perfect for me. I send you my respect, thanks, and appreciation. I now know 1 puppy is hard. I can't even begin to imagine what you have to deal with. I can't see how you could have time for a life outside of taking care of puppys. I'm amazed. O yeah. She had a vet check on Monday morning. She got checked but she didn't have any shots. Her appt for the shots she needs is on the 27th. I'm not sure if you need the papers from her vet check on Monday. If you do just let me know and I will send them out. Thank you again for my perfect puppy. I hope you and your family have a great holiday! Bye for now!






Chipper has become very much a part of our home - we all love him bunches. He is a very loving dog - doesn't meet a stranger! He plays very well with children, adults, and other dogs, especially his "half brother", Javy (a beagle/dachschund mix). He weighs 18 lbs. now at 7-1/2 months old! He either uses his pad inside or goes out to potty with few "mistakes". He travels well and loves to go "bye-bye" and walk in the park. We get stopped everywhere we go with him asking what kind of dog he is. We have referred many people to your website to check out the puppies. Dealing with you when purchasing Chipper was a very pleasant experience, and we have passed that on to others interested in a Ja-Chon or similar dog.

Thank you for Chipper!
Karenn Hall









Hi Jamie,

Just thought I'd send you some photos of our little Morkie boy, Luca. He is such a sweet little guy, spunky as all get out!! People always stop us and tell us how cute he is, and our friends and family have really taken to him as well. He has adjusted to life with us very quickly and we can't imagine it without him. He is so funny, and fun to be around. Thanks a million.

Shannon Bruch and Ben Wilson









Zelda had her first day at the spa this am. She had a bath, nails trimmed and hair trimmed around her eyes paws and her bottom. She seemed to really like it. The ladies said she did well. She has already knocked one bow out. I let them put bows but insisted on no perfume! She smells good just the way she is!

Have a great day!





Hi Jamie,

I hope all is well with you. I wanted to give you a update on our little Yorkchon you sold us who we've named Miss Tuley. She is such a sweet girl, her temperament is wonderful and she's such a nice friend to our family. She went in to the vet for her next series of shots and, of course, they all just loved her too. Once she's all done with her shots, we'll go out and meet some other dogs, but right now she seems content to play with us and try to get the kitty to play (the kitty is being fairly uncooperative). Anyway, Jamie I cannot thank you and your daughter enough. I was a bit leery of buying a pet online who I'd never met before, but the minute I picked her up at the airport I knew it I had worried over nothing. She is everything I could have hoped for.

Many thanks again!
LeAnn Hall






Dear Jamie,

I got Charlie (tri-color male Cavalier King Charles Spaniel born on August 24th) from you last December. He's an absolute joy and I love him dearly.

During the week he goes to "puppy day care" while I'm at work. He has several friends who are about his age and size. They play together all day and the people at the day care center fuss over and pet Charlie when he needs a bit of love. I know Charlie enjoys the day care place because he races in every morning! When he's tired, he sits on the attendants' laps or snoozes in the puppy beds. He's quite a favorite and gets treats, love, and attention all day. The attendants really take good care of him!

We go on really long walks on the weekend, play fetch at the park, go to lunch at outdoor cafes (he's quite a hit and always gets a little treat from the chef), and go shopping together. I'm fortunate to live in such a dog friendly city where the stores allow dogs and keep bowls of water and treats handy! Charlie is a great snuggler and loves to sit in my lap when I read.

Attached are some pictures I had taken of he and I back in August (right around his one year birthday). You can post these on your website.

Thanks for bringing Charlie into my life!
Kathryn McCall










I just wanted to send you a quick update on our lovable Japanese Chin Okura (Chester.) He has been an amazing addition to our family. He grew to be a whopping 14 lbs! He is best friends with the cat that is in one of the attachments. He loves playing with other dogs and gets really excited when we ask him if he wants to visit grandma’s doggies. Upon his first birthday I gave birth to our second beautiful baby girl whom he just adores. He is very protective off both our girls and therefore has become a little yapper. We are looking into buying a house sometimes next year and at that time we are looking forward to purchasing a female companion for him. I hope you enjoy the pictures that I have attached.

Diana Stringer










We are sure enjoying this new, beautiful puppy! We named her Ali and she is wonderful. She's even sleeping through the night (without needing to go outside) at almost 10 weeks. Our vet said you must be a very good breeder--she's in excellent health and is clean and well cared for. Bill was in love with Ali instantly and they had a good trip back to Arkansas. Thank you for everything.
Thanks for everything and we would be happy to recommend you to anyone seeking a new family pet.

Kristy Hanson









Our Shichon Kacey will be one year old Tuesday. This will be her first Christmas with us and she is ready for Santa as the photo tells the story. She is doing well and we are really happy with her. She's spoiled rotten!

Michael & Gloria Shearer









Hi Jamie-

I meant to send you a note last week, but with the Holiday, I’m behind!

Just wanted you to know that “Bear” went to the vet on Friday after Thanksgiving and got a clean bill of health. My vet said you must have done a good job worming him, he was clean as far as she could tell under the microscope.

He is an adorable, sweet natured little guy. He cozied up to everyone on Thanksgiving and even went with us on an emergency trip to my parents over the past weekend for a funeral. He made himself at home there and was invited back several times by my mother, who is NOT a dog in the house person!

You obviously do a good job with your puppies as he is loving and friendly.

My only complaint is that it is so terribly cold here this week that I’m about ready to let him just go potty in the house! He’s always ready to go out, but he’s so little, it makes me nervous to have him out there long enough to go pottyJ! But I think he’s getting the hang of it.

Thanks so much. He has been a fun addition to our family.

Happy holidays!









Hi Jamie,

I was just thinking of you! I have had the health certificate since Friday, November 25 but with the holidays and all, I have yet to mail it to you. I will put it in the mail tomorrow. As for the chip form, no, that wasn't on the crate and I will keep my eye out for it.

Just to update you, Asha is an absolute doll. Her pictures didn't do her justice-she is so incredibly beautiful! Her & Reilly are getting along fantastically. They play together, snuggle constantly, and today I saw them sharing a piece of rawhide! They clearly adore each other which is awesome. Asha, like Reilly, is also incredibly smart. She has figured out how to get upstairs (but not down) and hot to jump off the couch or bed (but not up). She is very vocal, energetic, and curious about the world around her. I'm attaching a couple of pics so you can see our two pups and their new found companionship. Remember anytime you want to use a pic I send you on your site, please feel free. I personally think I have two of the cutest puppies on the planet and am happy to share that cuteness with the world!

I may also have a new customer for you. They came with us to Thanksgiving dinner and Jody's cousin fell in love with both of them. She currently has two golden retrievers and she & her husband used to breed them. When they go, she feels a smaller pup would be more suited to their lifestyle and she said she was definitely going to get a shichon or two.
Much Thanks for breeding such amazing puppies!









yes that's stone!! I don't remember if I already sent you this picture but its one of my favorites!He is so aweome he is such a good puppy! He has hardly had any accidents in the house ,he loves going everywhere with us, we go dirtbike riding all the time and he loves it,he gets along great with our other dogs. we have a lab thats 4 yrs and a pitbull thats 2 yrs. and they are so gentle with him.It's just so adorable to watch them all play.Yesterday we took all three of them to deep creek ( which the other dogs love the water you cant get 'em out) and stone was having so much fun he went swimming a couple times but I think the water was too cold for him so he played mostly at the shore digging in the sand and looking for things to get into.Stone really has an awesome personallity.He's up for anything! And he listens so well,he's so smart.I've been reading all these disscussions on the disscussion forum on teriffic and I have none of there puppy problems.And I think I have the breeder to thank for that!Thank you!He is also as healthy as can be! He's definantly the sidekick I was looking for,thanx agian for everything.Should something come up I will be calling you for advice, but untill then expect more pictures.summer's coming soon and we cant wait to take the boat to the river!!









Hi Jamie

Just wanted to send you some more pics of Tippy. She doing great! She has had all her shots, just needs her rabies. She's 16 weeks. She's pretty smart too, she can sit,stay, lay down and come on command. She can go potty on her pad in the bathroom. Having fewer accidents. She is such a joy in our family as you can see. We will keep you up to date with more pics. Lots of Love The Kelly family. P.S. Happy St. Paddy's day!









Hi Jamie!

I just wanted to shoot you a note to say thank you again for my Bessie. You have some pictures up on your site of her as a puppy. Thought I would send you a couple more of her more recently J Her and I are going to take some pictures together this weekend so when I get those I will send them your way! Bessie is such a doll! I have to tell you that I love her to death! She makes me smile and laugh everyday. She is going to be one year old on the 25th (I think that is the right day.. have to check her papers!).. Anyway.. I will have had her a year in May but I feel like I have had her forever and that she was always meant to be mine! I hope you, your family and your business are doing well.

God Bless,









Hi Jamie Girl!

Just wanted to let you know how blessed we feel to have such a calm, loving, cuddly, obedient companion in Sophie! Still working on the potty-training. She has made lots of progress. (Carpet needs to be steamed cleaned though!) lol. You were right about her coloring. The dark brown and black is growing out and she has light tan under it all. Jeff won't let me take her to get her first hair cut. Just been snipping a lil here and there around her eyes so she can see. Trying to figure out what this new breeds' "look" (hair style) should be so I can maybe set a "Cavachon Trend". He. he. Her hair on her head and body and tail are longer and straighter than that of a Bichon, but her chin and her legs and tips of ears have the curly of the Bichon. This is her on Valentines a few days ago. She sends Cavachon kisses your way too! Enjoy.

Much love and appreciation.
Bonnie Hinkle










Buddy has been doing great. However he is now 7 months old and at that rebeluious teenage time in his life. He has graduate Puppy Head Start and is two weeks away from Basic Obedience graduation! If he wants to he knows sit, down, roll over, bow, stay, wait however he does think that he is a Prince and must be on carpet (not cement) to perform downs, bows and such! He is a chewer though! I will be glad when that phase is over! He also can jump up and over a normal gate so we have to stack two gates together! He does give great hugs and doesn't like it much on the few days that he is home alone most of the day. We go for a walk about five out of seven days and he can handle a four mile walk pretty well. We have met a couple of other Cavaliers on the trails and a Cavashon as well. We have ran into a few people who know of you up there in Centerville and if anyone is interested we always tell them to check out your website.

Hope all is going well for you and your family!
Patty and Steve










Hard to believe that Buddy is a year old!! We had to make a trip out of town and were real concerned about leaving him at the kennel but he did just great and they seemed to love him to death. He likes to play with the "Big Dogs" and made friends with a Great Dane, thank goodness he was not full grown yet! When I called the next day after leaving and they told me "Buddy gives good hugs" so I knew they were spending quality time with him. He does give awesome hugs and is learning to sing with me. Dad thinks we are both nuts but tolerates us anyway!

We had 7" of snow Tuesday night and Wednesday morning, Buddy loves the snow. He kept going down to the door and scratching to go out to do no more than PLAY in the SNOW. He also thinks that he should be allowed to walk on the treadmill with us. He still has alot of puppy in him, but does have a few mellow moments once in a while now.

Well, hope ya'll had a great Thanksgiving, we put the Christmas tree up today, hope it stays up for a while, Buddy sure likes checking out the ornaments and everything still goes to his mouth!! Been checking out your website. Been watching little male Tri born in August, we think about getting Buddy a brother, just not sure about the year of puppy again!! But he looks awful cute.

Take care,
Patty, Steve and Buddy









Hi Jamie,

Just wanted to thank you for sending me the sweetest little dog I've ever had! what a love bug, I can sure tell she has been given lots of attention. It seems like I've had her forever, she just fits right in with me and my son. Her name is Jasmine. what a doll! Again, I thank you for such a wonderful little friend. I will send you pictures as she gets bigger,










Hi Jamie!

It's been a while since I last got in touch. I hope everything is going well with you. I took some pictures of Cooper today and thought I'd send you a few so you can see how much he's grown (he'll be five months old tomorrow!). We've been having a blast with him, he's been such a great dog. He's playful, spunky and loves everybody! We're also finding out that he's smart as a whip. He seems to understand so many words, and learned "sit" after only a couple lessons. Still hit and miss with the housebreaking, though. He really has a great personality and we just love him to pieces. Hope you enjoy seeing the pictures! There's one of him with my son Stephen, and also one of Cooper with Cleo- the only one of our three cats that will tolerate him getting near at all. I'll send more pictures as he grows.

Take care,









Dear Jamie,

Just wanted to say thank you for helping us find such a great little dog. Everything is going great and we can't express how much we love the little guy. Attached are pictures of the little pup we call Chewie.

Much thanks,
David Chiang









Here are some photos of our new puppy Brady. He is the best dog ever and we love him very much. He is adapting to city life very well and has made lots of friends in our neighborhood. I think you heard from my father recently. My mother suffers from allergies but when she met Brady she didn't have any allergy problems. Brady and my mom got along so well that my parents now want a Cavashon of their own.

Thanks so much
I hope you like the photos
Leith & Jason









Hi. I got a female shih tzu from you in May, and I thought I'd pass along some pictures. If you want to use any of them for your website, feel free. Gypsy is almost 5 months old now, and having lots of fun in our new apartment in Chicago. She has been very easy to train (learned to sit in about 10 minutes), and is one of the friendliest dogs I've ever met. She plays like a kitten, using her front paws a lot, so I've ended up buying her some cat toys in addition to dog toys. She is a sweetheart, and I'm very glad to have gotten her from you. Thanks!

Liz Kelley









Dear Jamie,

You may recall my husband, Jeff Eich, who picked up a King Charles Cavalier in Feb. I just wanted to write you a letter of thanks. We have had Chelsea for four weeks now. From the start she has been the perfect fit for our family. This is a once in a lifetime pet. I am so happy that my daughters have a dog like this. Moreover, I was anticipating all the hard work of a puppy. However, she has been a breeze. I can count on less than one hand the times she has had an accident in our home. In addition, she took to the crate on her first night. We are taking good care of Chelsea, and giving her lots of love.

Thank You,
Bonnie Eich









Hi Jamie,

My wife, Karen, and I got a Japanese Chin from you in November, I think (we re-named him Benni). You shipped him out to us in Long Beach, CA. I just wanted to let you know how happy we are with him. He is such an amazingly good dog--so fun, easy-going, and loving. As a matter of fact, he's asleep on my lap as I type. You can rest assured that we're providing him a good home. He gets lots of attention, a big yard to play in, and lots of neighbor dogs & cats to hang out with. Please feel free to use us as a reference for any prospective puppy parents.

All the best,
Keith and Karen Vescial










Just got to looking at old pictures and found many of Oatmeal as a puppy. Although she's almost a year & a half now, I thought I'd let you know what an incredible dog she is. She's smart, funny, playful and the all-around love of our lives. Not to mention a superstar ball chaser & catcher. Anyhow, thank you!! She has brought a lot to our home. I'm attaching a couple pics in case you'd like to see how she's changed. One from your website when we bought her, one from when we picked her up and one taken just recently.

Thanks again,
Dave, Shannon & Kylie Stevens










Here is a new picture of pistachio. He will be a year old then end of next month. I will send you a picture of him at his birthday party. He is such a cut up. He can jump up on just about everything in the house. I have to say he like peanut is spoiled rotten. I don't believe he knows he is a dog he thinks he is one of the kids. Sometimes I honestly think he is talking to me the way he acts. He had to have some of his teeth pulled recently so his permeate teeth could come in. The girls at the vets said he was a little trooper. He and peanut are truly made for each other they are inseparable. Our parrot recently passed away and the puppies miss her so much. They loved howling while she schreeched. I now wish I had gotten a video of them as I called it singing together. Pistachio is just growing like a weed though he has a excellent build also. He is such a lover. Well time to go to bed. Tell Pistachios mom her son is a little winner. Once again thanks for our beautiful baby boy.................

The Leathermans









Hi Jamie,

Just wanted to let you know how much we love Mia, our teddybear. She is so smart and is doing great on potty training. Our only problem is that she barks very little (only a little when playing), which is a good thing, except she sits at the door to go out and we don't always know it. She sits on command and sleeps all night just fine in her crate. Our vet says she is very healthy. And , of course, she is very, very spoiled. Her favorite time of day is morning after we take her out of her crate to go outside and then she comes back in and snuggles in bed with me for tummy rubs and kisses. Thank you so much for the great care she had from you and for making the purchase of her so easy. The enclosed pictures are several weeks old, but she looks exactly the same, just a couple pounds more. She weighs about 5 pounds now at 4 months.

Kathy Stoltenberg









Hi Jamie...

We bought a malti-poo from you last January. My name is Terry Cullen and you flew her into Atlanta for us. Over that time I purchased 4 other malti-poos for various family members. You may recall I tried you first for another one as well. You were by far the best breeder to deal with. The most professional and the only one of the five dogs without fairly serious problems. Any way I get people all the time asking me where to get one and I tell them you FIRST. Hopefully they'll use my name when they contact you.

Terry Cullen










I am sending you some pictures of Rocky in the mail. Sorry, it has taken us so long to get them to you. He has really been a joy!!! Everyone thinks he is just the cutest dog and wants to know what kind he is. 'We were even at a garage sale in West Des Moines and a man had us follow him to his house to show his wife. They had lost their dog a few months ago and were interested in getting a new one. He asked me all about you and I gave him the website. Maybe he will be contacting you.

I saw on the website where you have some new puppies. I am trying to talk Rob into to letting me have another puppy next summer-so Rocky can have a friend. How much money are the cavashons now? I will start saving my money.
Let me know when you get the pictures.

Thanks again so much,









Hi Jamie,

Wow, those puppies sold quickly! Cav's) I kept visiting your website waitiing for the arrival, and now all of the little gals are sold. I'm thinking of getting a companion for Jasmine, and would love another Cavachon. If anything falls thru on those little girls, please keep us in mind. I continue to have people comment on her wonderful, happy personality, the girls where I get her hair trimmed love it when she comes in, so we just go visit and for a treat on Saturdays! It takes me so long to get through any where with her, people are so drawn to her cute and happy ways. One on going problem, she has earmites, my vet has given her three shots and also vacinated my cats just in case they were re-infecting her... she is fine for acouple of weeks, then they come back. the vet is mystified, he has never seen a dog not respond to the vaccine. Any thoughts? Please keep me in mind for future litters, I know Jazz would love a buddy(besides my cats, which make her so mad because they can jump higher than her!)

Your friends in California,
Cheryl and Jasmine









Dear Jamie,

I wanted to thank you for sending me to such a wonderful mother and father here in Florida. I have 2 kitty "sisters" to play with and they love me as much as I love them. We exercise every day by chasing each other through the house! Mom and dad treat me like the Queen of our castle and I have them wrapped around my little paw, they just don't know it yet. (Although, I think my mom is catching on.) It is hard to believe that I have been with them 4 months already. My parents say that I am the smartest and most lovable puppy that they have ever had. They protect me and love me so much that I can't imagine living anywhere else! I wanted to also thank you for posting my picture on your web site because they fell in love with me as soon as they saw me and bought me when I was only 2 weeks old.

I miss you and send you my love,
Roxie Mahon
Sarasota, Florida









Hi Jamie,

I took Rufus to the Vet today...he passed with a good bill of health in fact, they said that you have taken good care of him, so I thought I should let you know what a good job you are doing. I have sent the papers from the Vet to you, in fact to be mailed tomorrow. Rufus is under my feet constantly, I have to be very careful that I don't step on him. He follows me everywhere, just like a puppy....yes, that's right he is a got a shot today and will get another in 3 wks. Last night I put Rufus in the carrier that he flewn in on (since he has already spent time in there) at bedtime, when I shut off the light he started to whimper a little so I talked to him and after awhile he was fine. He is in the same room as me. This morning I took him from the carrier and to my surprise, Rufus hadn't messed in there at all, I immediately took him to the pee pad and went pee....GOOD BOY....I have decided to house break him in the house, since he is so small. Well, I am enjoying Rufus and I will keep in touch..
Thank You









Hi Jamie.

I meant to get back to you yesterday, I am sorry I wasn't able to. Life gets real busy around here! Well, since talking with you the morning, I feel it would be best to find another home for Tinker....which is killing all of us over here. We were so looking forward to having him. But after our talk, I think there is a strong possibility that the little boy.....may be a big boy. I want to tell you how very refreshing it was to speak with you. You were honest from the start with me. For sure, I always had the feeling that you wanted me to have what "I" wanted, and you were never trying to push a pup....that may not be suited to our family. Many breeders would not show that kind of integrity! Thank you. Should you want to place this email on your website as a testimonial, please do. I wish you the best, and I wish "Tinker" a wonderful home. As I type this I am NOT sure it's the right move, we fell in love with him. But, I guess we will never know....good luck in everything you do!









Hi Jamie~

I hope you are doing well and not being affected by the crazy weather out there! Well, Bessie (the puppy I got from you) is adorable! It has been 2 weeks today that she has been with me :-) I wanted to let you know that she is doing great! She is so affectionate and just a delight. I love the was she snuggles up to me at night and licks my face and gives me a long hard stare when she needs to get off the bed and head outside for her 1AM potty break! She has learned to sit and we are working on come and stay. But she is doing just great. She lets me brush her every day and she is getting better at letting me brush her teeth each morning... Her special prize after letting me do so.. her favorite check stick! Her ears are standing straight up and her button eyes.. they just make me melt :-) Anyway, here are some pictures for you. I will take more and send them your way in another couple of weeks. Thank you so much for Bessie! She is such an joy in my life and I just don't know what I would do without her.

Take Care,









Dear Jamie,

I know you mother many puppies of several breeds, and probably don't have much time for communications on each one...but...this puppy of mine, "Maggie" is so wonderful and such a joy to me. I attribute some of her qualities to your breeding, and I thank you. She is now 3 months old, and has been with me for nearly 4 weeks. She is sooo bright, soooo loving, and so eager to learn. She slept in her crate the first night she came home for the entire night and has continued to do so. I take her to work with me every day (except weekends, when it's just too busy) and she is so adaptaptable and justs loves people. I wonder if any of her brother or sister parents would want to share notes...since this is such a new breed...I wonder what similarities we may share in the puppy stages. I could use some advise in the teething and jumping, biting moments...or maybe just sharing stories. Is there anyone from this litter, or another cavachon litter that I might email? Thank you, Jamie! You are doing an amazing job! Please let me know of any future litters. We just might want to get Maggie a playmate!

Thank you for everything!








Good Morning from Waukee Family Practice! Maysie is a big hit around here with staff, patients and Pharmaceutical Reps., she can always make them smile. We have the last of our first session in dog obedience this week and Maysie really does well. She loves seeing the other dogs. I thought you might like to see recent photos!









Hi Jamie...

We bought a malti-poo from you last January. My name is Terry Cullen and you flew her into Atlanta for us. Over that time I purchased 4 other malti-poos for various family members. You may recall I tried you first for another one as well. You were by far the best breeder to deal with. The most professional and the only one of the five dogs without fairly serious problems. Any way I get people all the time asking me where to get one and I tell them you FIRST. Hopefully they'll use my name when they contact you.

Terry Cullen









Hi Jamie

I just wanted to give you an update on the shiba inu that I am so grateful you sold to me. I named him Fisher and he is doing great. He is the best present I could have ever gotten. He is healthy and energetic. He has the best personality ever. Me and my mom consider him part of the family. As soon as I figure out how to email you pictures, I will do so.

Thank you so much.
Randi Soto
Whittier, Ca

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