Teddy Bears
          Cross with a ShihTzu and Bichon        


Teddy Bear also referred to as Zuchon, are a cross between a ShihTzu and a Bichon (F1). Since both breeds make good pets, Teddy Bears also make good companions. Teddy Bears have a good temperament and are good with children and other pets. On a range of 1-10 (10 being the most active), Teddy Bears will generally fall in the range of 3-5. Teddy Bears are quite intelligent and easily trained. They are very good with children, they are sturdy, and they enjoy being outdoors with their family. They are fun loving, but also enjoy cuddling. Very affectionate and playful with a high degree of intelligence. It has and mild spirit, is intelligent, affectionate, bold and lively. This charming, gentle dog is not a yapper. These cheerful dogs are very sociable and will get along with everyone including people, dogs, cats and other pets.

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