Yorkshire Terrier
Traditional and Parti Colors

Yorkshire Terriers are friendly and will love your family members and house guests if properly socialized as pups. However, they aren’t great with young kids and babies—or, rather, young children aren’t great with them, especially those who like to play rough and haven’t been taught how to respect a dog’s boundaries.

The Yorkshire Terrier is a super-smart, super-cute and super-friendly dog. Like many small dog breeds, Yorkies aren’t aware of their diminutive stature. Full of confidence and spunk, your pup might take over full command of the household, not-so-gently letting you know when it’s time to wake up, put the food out and go for a walk. How? Yorkies can yap. They’re really, really, really good at it.

If their big personality—and high-pitched bark—are given run of the show, though, Yorkies can get a little too full of themselves, possibly developing aggressive temperament towards visitors and new people. BUT as long as your Yorkshire Terrier knows who’s boss (that would be you) and is given plenty of opportunities for social interactions with humans and canines from an early age, this breed can be a loyal, playful and friendly best bud.

Yorkshire Terriers don’t mind being handled and carried, so they’re some of the most portable pups around. Just be careful not to coddle them too much. Yorkshire Terriers still need exercise and independence so that they don’t grow afraid to be out of your arms. In fact, because Yorkies don’t love being alone, many Yorkie parents get two so they can keep each other company.

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