Vaccination Protocol, Vet information

 and the Weaning Process 

Our protocol is designed by licensed Veterinarians
​All of our puppies are vet-checked at 8 weeks of age by Dr. Whitney or Dr. Durell



(2) weeks of age: Pyrantel wormer

(3) weeks of age: Marquis Parasite control
(4) weeks of age: Pyrantel wormer
(5)weeks of age: Neopar vaccination and Ivermec and Pryantel wormer
(6) weeks of age: DAPPv puppy vaccination and Marguis
(7) weeks of age: Oral Bb Kennel cough (annul) Safe-Guard wormer for 6 days 

      since Safe-Guard wormer is designed to strip of parasites (If any). We give probiotics to put       the good bacteria back in the digestive track .

(8) weeks of age: DAPPv 2nd puppy vaccination  Pryantel wormer

It is recommender to get the 3rd Puppy Vaccination at 11-12 weeks age. Again at 15-16 weeks of age. 



Weaning Process: 
We start out at 4-5 weeks old by giving our little puppies some Royal Canin Mini Starter Food (its is very tiny) with a little water mixed with it and warmed up! This gets our puppies the little taste for yummy food! They get their toes trim and hair trimmed around their faces at every photo shoot. 
Then at 5 weeks we start giving them  playtime without mom throughout the day. So by 6 weeks of age they are ready to wean off mom and are eating complete food.

After 6 1/2 weeks age they get transferred from the nursery to the puppy play room where they have lots of toys to help with their motor skills!