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Bringing Home Your New Puppy

        Nutri Source Small/Med Breed Puppy

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New Puppy Needs        


Before bringing your puppy home, purchase the following supplies. Preparing in advance for the arrival of your new pal will allow you and your puppy to spend time getting to know each other.


Puppies are like babies, they need their rest and all the food they want and water.



Helpful Hints for your New Puppy:


Just remember bringing home your new puppy is like bringing home a new baby.


Limit excitement and handling as much as possible. Puppies require about 16 hours of sleep a day. They sleep about 3 hours & maybe play & eat about 1 hour. If they do not get their rest they will get sick.

2lb puppies do not eat much at one time.... therefore they must eat several times a day and have a good dry puppy food available at all times. It should have 18% or more fat. I recommend Nutri Source Small & Medium Puppy. You can locate a store near you at


 Provide lots of chewing toys.


 I highly recommend using a oatmeal base shampoo (never use people shampoo) to keep hair & skin healthy.


On longhair puppies be sure to keep the hair on their rear-end clipped for cleanliness.


Have your puppy spayed or neutered!! This also helps if done before 16 weeks of keeping you male dog from maturing and having the need to lift his leg to pee or worse yet hump your friends leg.



Food and Water Bowls


Look for a bowl that won't easily tip over and is easy to clean. A separate bowl for food and water will keep your puppy's feeding area clean. You may want to buy smaller bowls at first, and upgrade to larger ones as your puppy grows. Stainless Steel or Stoneware work the best.


Collar and Leash


Your puppy's first collar should be made of lightweight nylon or leather. To measure your puppy's collar size, measure his neck and add two inches. To ensure that the collar fits properly, you should be able to slide two fingers between the collar and your puppy's neck. If your fingers fit comfortably, you have the right size collar. If there is extra room, you need a smaller size. If both fingers don't fit, the collar is too small. It may take a while for your puppy to get used to wearing his collar, so don't be discouraged if he is uncomfortable and scratches his collar. Be sure to adjust the length as your puppy grows. A six-foot leash is the ideal length for both training and walking. Always keep your puppy on his leash unless he is in a confined area. Many states and cities have leash laws, which make it mandatory for your puppy to be on his leash at all times, even at public parks and playgrounds.




All puppies need toys to help them exercise and to provide them with a safe way to satisfy their natural desire to chew. Be sure to choose toys that are made for puppies and cannot be splintered, torn apart or swallowed. Large rawhide chips, nylon chews and hard rubber balls are fun and safe. As a general rule, if the toy can fit comfortably in a puppy's mouth, it's too small.


Crate or Sleeping Bed


Your puppy will need a warm, comfortable place to sleep. A crate provides a den for your puppy when you are not home. Crates usually come in one of two types: a portable, enclosed, plastic crate with handles; or a wire crate. Your puppy's crate should be large enough for him to stand up, turn around and lie down and should have adequate ventilation. If you buy an adult-sized crate, purchase partitions or place a cardboard box in the back to provide a cozy space for your puppy. You may want to have a separate sleeping bed for him when you are at home. Make sure you buy a puppy-sized bed rather than an adult-sized bed, so your puppy will feel safe and snug.


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