Cavapoos make great companions for anyone, from small children to an older people. They are friendly to everyone, including strangers, dogs, and other pets. Young children should be supervised around the Cavapoo to ensure they treat it with respect.



Blue Merles-$2500


Sable and Whites-$2000

Black and Tan-$2000



All puppies picked up are subject to sales tax



We will be working though the waiting list for these litters

Puppies are not consider spoken for until all paper work is done!

No exceptions


Bucky                          Annie
Date of Birth March 21st, 2021
Take Home Date May 21st

Benji- SOLD

Spoken for by the Buljubasic Family in IA!

Dottie- SOLD

Sold pending waiting list!!

Sammi                          Ruby
Date of Birth March 23rd, 2021
Take Home Date May 21

Females- SOLD

1st pick to the Montello Family in IL!!

2nd pick to the Hansen Family in IA!!

3rd pick to the Miceli Family in IL!!

4th pick to the Bollensen Family in MN!!

Jelly- SOLD

Jewel- SOLD

June- SOLD

Jazzy- SOLD

Males- SOLD

1st pick to the Miceli Family in IL!!

2nd pick to the Leung Family in MA!!

Jimmy- SOLD

Joey- SOLD

Sammi                          Kiss
Date of Birth Jan 30th, 2021
Take Home Date March 31st

Robin- SOLD

Spoken for by the Thompson Family in IA!!

Bell- SOLD

 Spoken to the Williams Family in UT! 2nd puppy from PuppyStars                              

Cookie- SOLD

Spoken for by the Helifrich Family in WI!

2nd puppy from Puppystars

Ellie- SOLD

Spoken for by the Behounek Family in NE!

Bonnie-Black Female-SOLD

Spoken for by the Harrington Family in IA!

2nd Puppy from PuppyStars

Milo- Male


Spoken for by the Vitanza Family in CT!

Robin and Milo
Ellie and Bell
Cookie and Bonnie
Bucky              Mango
Date of Birth Feb 1, 2021
Take Home Date April 1st
Sold to the Kelly Family in CA!
3rd Puppystars Puppy

Olive- Female-SOLD

Sold the Turner Family from IL!

Honey -SOLD
Sold to the Edgar Family in IA!
Lolly-Female -SOLD
Sold to the Nachazel Family!
Sold to the Gillaspy Family in Iowa!
Sold to the Berkovich Family from MO!
Charlie Male-SOLD
SOLD to the Osmanovic Family in Iowa!
Charlie and Pepper
Peaches, Lolly and Honey
Clover and Oliver
Sammi                          Tessa
DOB 1/13/21
2 Males

Stanley- Sold

                      To the Grindle Family in WI!

Samson- Sold

                         To the Botha Family in MN!

Bucky                          Trudy
        DOB 12/21/20
Take Home Date 20th or after

Whisky- SOLD

To the Nuttall Family in DE!


Winston- SOLD

To the Nelson Family in MN!


Willard- SOLD

To the Kaufman Family in MA!


Winnie- SOLD

                 To the Weisert Family in IA!

Waylon- SOLD

                   To the Palmeri Family in NJ!

Wonder- SOLD

To the Young Family from IL!


Sammi                            Angel
         DOB 12/19/20
Take Home Date Feb 17th 2021

Reba- Sold

                                 To Baumann Family in MN!

Rowdy- Sold

                Sold to the Narayan Family in NY!

Remi- Sold

                      To the Wiess Family in TX! 

                               2nd PuppyStars Puppy!

Rumor- Sold

               Sold to the Lambert Family in NB!

Rocco- Sold

                 Sold to the Sedlacek Family from NE!

Rolly- Sold

                         Sold to the Brabdt Family in TN!

Bucky                         Sugar
DOB 12/4/20
Take Home Feb 5th 2021

Zenia- SOLD

                 To the Smith Family in TX!


  To the Krueger Family in IA!

2nd puppy for PuppyStars

The Cavapoo's born have now been Spoken for.



           To the Rollene Family in IA!



To the Kuznia Family in MN!




To the  Hogan Family in Mo!


To the Grady Family in MN!


            To the Ratner Family in MN!

            To the Lambert Family in NE!



            To the Goff Family in MA!

Sweet Pea-SOLD

            To the Richey Family in IA!

Pumpkin Has a Yellow Collar

Honey a Red Collar

Cinnamon a Black Collar

Sage No collar

Sweet Pea has a Purple collar,

Ginger has a Blue collar,

Honey has a Red collar.

Poppy is in a video with Bug's litter

Trixie                              Sammi

DOB 9/28/20


Take home Date Nov 28th


                 To the Emmil Family in ND!

Berry                                Bug

DOB 10/2/20

Take Home Date Dec 4th


Dalton, Red collar

Dillon, White collar

Darla, Blue collar


To the Bock Family from 2nd PuppyStars Puppy!!


To the Dirksen Family in MN!

Daisy, Purple collar

Dragon, Yellow collar

Poppy, Black collar


To the Roy Family in MN!


To the Buljubasic Family in IA!


To the Bahn Family in MN!

He is going home with the Thibade Family in CA!
He is going home with the Stansbury Family in IL!
He is going home with the Marcus Family in MA!
She is Moving to MN with the
Hanenberger Family!
She is going home with the
Cordery Family in NE!

Romo has a white color, Rocky has a yellow collar, and the red puppies Reggie

She is going home with the Thompson Family in IA!

Rosie has the White collar, Remi has the Yellow collar, and the black brindle is Rain.

Puppies Below are SOLD
Barkley--Sold to the Kruegers!
Blaze--Sold to the Joseph!
Boomer--Sold to the Brown's
Bunny--Sold to the Streb's
Vegas--Sold to the Rueb's 
Vinny--Sold to the Goracke's
Venus--Sold to the Logan's
Vandy--Sold to the Zubaid's